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Unable to create a page

Feb 3, 2011 at 11:08 AM
Edited Feb 3, 2011 at 12:08 PM

I am trying to create a page for a section using the ONOM and I am getting the following error:


Microsoft.Office.OneNote.OneNoteException was unhandled
  Message=Unable to modify read-only section.
       at Microsoft.Office.OneNote.OneNoteApplication.VerifySuccess(Int32 errorCode) in D:\POCs\onomVS2008SP1\OneNoteCore\OneNoteApplication.cs:line 241
       at Microsoft.Office.OneNote.OneNoteApplication.CreateNewPage(OneNoteObjectId sectionId, NewPageStyle newPageStyle) in D:\POCs\onomVS2008SP1\OneNoteCore\OneNoteApplication.cs:line 79
       at Microsoft.Office.OneNote.OneNoteApplication.CreateNewPage(OneNoteObjectId sectionId) in D:\POCs\onomVS2008SP1\OneNoteCore\OneNoteApplication.cs:line 86
       at Microsoft.Office.OneNote.OneNoteSection.CreatePage() in D:\POCs\onomVS2008SP1\OneNoteFramework\TypesHierarchy\OneNoteSection.cs:line 31


This is the piece of code that I used:

//Notebook Open

      string path = @"D:\OneNotePocs";

     OneNoteNotebook notebook = OneNoteHierarchy.Current.OpenNotebook(path);

     // Section open

     OneNoteSection section = notebook.OpenSection("SR Number");    

     OneNotePage pageForSR = null;

     if (section.Pages != null)


       foreach (OneNotePage page in section.Pages)


         if (page.Name == "123")


           pageForSR = page;





     if (pageForSR == null)





 Any help would be really immense here!!

 I am using VS2010 and trying to integrate an app with ON 2010

Cheers, AC